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PhD Research

I did research in the computational laboratory of Mona Singh at Princeton University. I focused on understanding how DNA alterations affect proteins and tissues and ultimately lead to disease.

Cancer mutations in zinc fingers

We discovered patterns of mutations in uterine and colorectal cancers and melanoma that occur at specific positions in zinc finger domains. These mutations affect hundreds of DNA-binding proteins, and our statistical investigations suggest potential roles in dysregulation in cancer cells.
PubMed | PubMed Central | PLOS Comp Bio

Gene expression and tissue morphology

We developed a framework for finding genes whose expression correlates with tissue morphology features. By applying it to large collections of paired clinical sample data, we can identify potential new functional categories for genes while using existing annotations to characterize observable tissue features.

Protein mutation impact

We are developing a method to understand and predict the degree of impact of amino acid substitutions on protein function. We combine homologous sequence alignments with experimental mutagenesis data to create an interpretable model of substitution effect.
In preparation, with Mona Singh.