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  • Understanding small things 27 Feb 2019

    Tools have two main purposes: to help us sense and to help us do. In science, we use tools to help us sense. Science advances in two ways: building directly on the knowledge of previous scientific findings, and using tools to extend our senses further.

  • The algoraphics library 01 Feb 2019

    In the last six years I’ve written numerous Python scripts to generate graphics. By using algorithms that incorporate both repetition and randomness, I can produce images that would be infeasible or at least time-consuming to draw by hand.

  • A biologist's work 06 Jan 2019

    When I would tell people I do computational biology, they would nearly always remark on the ‘computational’ part, saying either that it sounds way beyond their comprehension or asking what on Earth it means. I would inwardly groan, because isn’t it obvious what it means? More recently I realized why ‘computational biology’ was so confusing to people, including both non-scientists and scientists in other areas: because it isn’t a real field.