I am a postdoc in the PejLab at Scripps Research and in the Palmer Lab at UC San Diego. I use computational approaches to study genomic regulatory variation. I am using gene expression to better understand genetic associations with psychiatric traits. I set up and manage the RatGTEx Portal. I am also developing tools for extracting information from RNA-Seq data.

I received my PhD in Quantitative and Computational Biology from Princeton University, advised by Mona Singh. My research involved amino acid substitution impact (DeMaSk), cancer mutations in zinc finger domains, and linking gene expression with tissue morphology. As an undergraduate at the University of North Texas, I majored in Biology and conducted computational microbiome research with Qunfeng Dong.


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Preprint The regulatory landscape of multiple brain regions in outbred heterogeneous stock rats
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Identification of regulatory landscape in multiple brain regions of outbred heterogeneous stock rats
Complex Trait Consortium-Rat Genomics 2021 meeting


Methods for Solving Protein Structures
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The Path to Controlling Cancer
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The Neverending Interview
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I collaborated with Jin Angdoo on a short experimental film about proteins. It was runner-up for the Symbiosis Award at the Imagine Science Film Festival 2019.

I am the Website Manager for the COVID-19 National Scientist Volunteer Database. I also designed the logos for both NSVD and EndCoronavirus.org:


I created a web app to convert any image into a printable paint by number outline.